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Hi All

This is my first post and I’m going to jump right into it.

So I’ve been kind of trying to convince myself that a life without a baby wouldn’t be so bad after all.  This is what I have come up with so far (in no particular order):

▪  I would be footloose and fancy free. Responsible only for myself.  I envision movie night once a week, hot dates with my husband, dirty weekends away, coffee dates with the gals.

▪  I would join the gym and become a super hot mamma! (OK, maybe mamma is not the right word to use)  A super hot chick (there that’s better) And people would exclaim about how young I look…..slim & trim (which I am soooo not right now) and I would be the envy of the fat girls (which I soooo am right now ;-)▪  I would be able to SHOP to my heart’s content and have sexy little numbers to go with my sexy little figure.

▪  I would finally buckle down to some studying and live up to my potential – something my teachers were always complaining I was not doing.  Errrr yes, it IS about 20 years since I left school.

▪  I would be able to spend money on renovating my tiny little house.  A gorgeous little cozy bedroom, a chef’s kitchen, a magazine cover lounge…..and a huge shower.

▪  DH & I would be able to go on fabulous holidays for our anniversaries, birthdays etc.  Seychelles is pretty high up on my list.Right, so all this has been sounding pretty good.  And I was so convinced.

But on Friday lady at my office went to her scan where she found out the sex of her baby (it’s a boy) and came to the office gushing……and all of the above went out the window.

So I’m back to being the sorry old infertile again.

It didn’t help that DH and I are fighting again.  I packed a weekend bag and went to my folks.  I also dreamt that my brother (who is 6 years younger than me) had a baby and I was arranging the christening, and people kept asking me if I was ok.

And my cousin came down from Jhb, and visited with her 1 yr old gorgeous son. 

And my gran keeps dropping hints….arrrrgh.

So, I am feeling pretty fragile today.

Do you think Richard Branson would lend me his island for a few days?



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