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Posted on: May 10, 2012

I’ve been AWOL from blog land for the last week.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I seem to have lost my zest for pretty much everything.  My emotions are all over the place.  I even abandoned my Blog Challenge as every attempt to answer the questions have lead to tears.  I’m even crying over Cake Boss!  Ok, so it was the episode that Mauro tattooed Madeline on his arm to commemorate their 20th anniversary.  I have not commented on one blog, even though I read them all. 

Hubby bought himself a new car two days ago, it’s a Audi TT.  It’s a very expensive (by my standards), very fast sports car.  Add that to a wood-fired pizza oven, a new washing machine, funky new bar stools, new blinds and you will have a basic list of things that my dearest Husband has chosen to spend his money in the last two months alone, as opposed to IVF, healthy food, vitamins, a family car etc etc.

Oh well, at least I know he’s a sure thing as far as sperm donation goes !

I called Dr Chatterbox’s room today to make an appointment and was asked “Are you calling for gynae or infertility?”  Nice!  Like I needed a reminder.  I have an appointment for the 18th, we will decide on the way forward.  I wish I could dredge up some enthusiasm for this IVF.  I wish I still had the blind optimism I had the first time around. 

Blog land has been awash with BFP’s.  Such an exciting time for all those ladies. And I wish them only the very best.  But off course it comes with fear and uncertainty for me.  Will I EVER get there ?  Or will I be the class dud again ? 

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  It’s going to be rough day for so many reasons.  It’s going to be my mum’s first Mother’s Day without my dad.   I know she’s going to be very emotional. 

But, Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful ladies.  We may not be mothers biologically, but as women do we not mother all our loves ones ?  Are we not Mother’s to our spouses, our siblings, our friends, our fur babies, and even our parents ?  

Anyway, hope you not wanting to slit your wrists after reading my post.  I promise to snap out of it by the new week.


5 Responses to "AWOL"

Oh Sunny,

I feel your pain and I wish I could do something/anything to make you feel better. Thinking of you ((hugs))

Tks honey, i am feeling better.

We all know the pain you are feeling, and have our fingers crossed that the IVF will work for you.

Thanks Roxx, and thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂

My heart bleeds for you…IVF is hard enough without not being on the same page as DH. And I know that feeling…I also have no fallopian it is not like you can get him drunk and take advantage of him (smile). Anyway, I hope your appointment on the 18th gives you some answers…keep us posted

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