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Blog Challenge – Day 7 & 8

Posted on: May 22, 2012

Day 7:
If you had gotten pregnant that first month you started trying, how would you have been a different parent? What changes have you made to your parenting style (either current or future) in the time you spent trying to conceive?

 This question raises so many other questions and thoughts in my mind.  Where do I even begin?  I try not to think about what our lives would have been like had we managed to conceive easily.  DH and I lived together for a few years and my BCP habits were sporadic to say the least.  If only I had managed to conceive then….  But I’m trying not to cry over spilt milk, it only brings me more pain.  There are just too many what-ifs and I have to believe that the path that I am travelling is the best for me. 

Back to the question – I am a disciplinarian.  I grew up in a strict household.  When it came to having manners, being respectful/polite to our elders was a non-negotiable.  I would definitely be the same way with my child.  I think that will always be my parenting style.  I would also like to balance that with a healthy sense of self.  I want my child to be confident enough to speak her mind, whilst still maintaining respect for the people around her (yes, it’s going to be a “her” :-))  

Just yesterday I was watching an episode of Life in the Fab Lane with Kimora Lee Simmons (don’t ask me why I watch that crap) and as irritating as she is, I love the way she is constantly empowering her girls.  She has created a kiddies line of clothing named after her daughters and she involves them in designing the clothing.  And she instills in them her work ethic, at ages 8 and 10.  In yesterday episode, she had a fashion show birthday party for her daughter, and all her daughter’s friends were the amateur models.  She gave them such an amazing pep talk, about being positive, about being confident, about never running other women down.  I want to be that mother.

Kimora and her beautiful daughters





I want to be that silly mother that plays hide and seek with her kids, that runs around on the playground, that laughs with abandon.  I want to be that mother that is constantly exposing my kids to new experiences, making sure they enjoy the simple things in life, picnics in the park, days out at the beach etc etc.  I want to be that cool mother that all my daughter’s friends come to for advice. 

I think that I would be a great mother.  I pray that I am given a chance to prove it. 

And on to a bit of frivolity.
Day 8:
Share a recipe for your favorite alcoholic drink (or, if you don’t drink, it can be non-alcoholic but make it fun!), and your favorite comfort and/or post-bfn food. 

My all-time favourite alcoholic drink is a Strawberry Daiquiri.  It’s a fun pink girly drink.  You could make it yourself (see below) or you could do what I do – buy the premix, pop in the freezer till its slushy, add your own fresh strawberry pulp, pour into a glass, garnish with a whole strawberry and umbrella and VOILA !  you have a guaranteed panty remover 😉



What Ingredients Do I Need?

6 fresh hulled strawberries
2 shots of light rum
¾ shot of lime juice
½ shot of sugar syrup

How Do I Make a Strawberry Daiquiri?

Blend all ingredients with crushed ice and serve in chilled margarita glass. Garnish with split strawberry on rim. 

As far as comfort food goes, I am a confirmed chocoholic and will demolish all things chocolate – cakes, deserts, ice-cream, anything goes….. 

Here’s a little something to whet your appetite.

A Chocoholic’s Delight !


2 Responses to "Blog Challenge – Day 7 & 8"

It’s so hard to think of the ‘what-ifs’… so hard to imagine things differently. Thinking of you and love your recipe… YUM 🙂 xoxo

Hello from ICLW! Love your chocoholic’s delight picture. You have me craving some serious sweets now! I am so sorry to read that your husband is not supportive with your journey. Wishing you all the best!

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