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All my life I’ve wanted to be different.  Now I strive towards normality.  A normal life, a normal marriage, a normal pregnancy, a normal baby, a normal family.  But it seems like being normal is not so straighfoward after all…

These are just my ramblings as I grapple with life and infertility.


3 Responses to "About Me"

Just joined your blog and cannot wait to get to know you better!

Thanks Alleycat!

Bad timing though as I foresee a doom and gloom blog for a while. Hopefully things pick up !

Don’t be silly, most of us started this blogging thing because of doom and gloom, that is why we find one another, to support each other and then when the good times hit we all dances together.

But I hear you, I sometimes feel guilty for always “cry” on my blog but the reason I started it was just for that, to have my own little “crying corner”

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